Do you need a more personalized helping hand?

Chances are the site will help get you on your way and the examples will support you the SQL trail; however, do you feel like you still have questions?  Maybe you don’t like to leave comments on the site or have a situation where you are trying to apply this to your own environment and want to talk in your terms.

There are a number of reasons why you might want personalized SQL help as you go from zero to SQL and the Facebook group is here to help!

Zero to SQL Facebook group

What is the Facebook group?

The next opening for the Facebook group will be January 2, 2017.  Sign up to be notified when it registration opens!

Who runs the Facebook group?

Carlos L Chacon

Carlos L Chacon

Zero to SQL Author

Carlos is the main author of the Zero to SQL book and the managing partner at SQL Data Partners.  He lives with his family is Richmond, VA.

Steve Stedman

Steve Stedman

Zero to SQL Trainer

Steve is the

Lynn Swaze

Community Coordinator

Jamie Wick

Zero To SQL Trainer

Jamie helped edit the book Zero to SQL and is a contributor to this site and the Facebook group.  Jamie works for the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg VA as an engineer supporting Microsoft SQL Server. He is active in the local SQL community and is an avid photographer. You can catch him on twitter at @Jamie_Wick.

Common Questions

How often are there openings?

For now, we open the Facebook page once a quarter with opening in January, April, July, and October.  If we have lots of people that want to join, we will open the doors more often.  Be sure to get on the waiting list to be notified of the next time there is an opening!

What is the cost?