You know you need to get some data out of the database, but you aren’t sure how.  Maybe there is some data you need to test and there is no app for that!  You request reports from the development team, but you don’t sit too high on their priority list.  You want to be able to get into a SQL Server and find what you need to know!!  There are lots of information out there and you are not sure where to begin.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to break into the tech field and you aren’t sure where to start.  Lot’s of people seem to be coding, that doesn’t appear to be the route you want to go.  You want to work with business folks and help them solve problems.  You want to get concepts quickly and put them use as soon as possible–from zero to SQL.

You have found the right place.  Your journey starts now!

Zero to SQLHi, I am Carlos L Chacon-the guy behind Zero to SQL.  While I have been a database administrator for over 10 years now, I didn’t think working with databases would ever happen for me. Working in technology was a goal from the beginning and I went to college to become a network engineer.  In fact, in college I took two database classes and I disliked both of them.

I can actually remember telling myself–I will NEVER work with databases.

Well, times have changed and opportunities presented themselves and now I work with SQL Server every day.  That may not be your path, but I can help you get data out of your database and help build the basic skills you will need to level up professionally.  This site is designed to help you on your journey of starting with database queries so you can get data out of your database.

While we are all on different levels of understanding, we are all on the same path of learning.  So I welcome you compañero to the SQL trail.  I can’t wait to hear about your progress.

Why Learn SQL?

Databases have been around for some time and you might wonder if there if there is really a need to learn SQL–with an emphasis on SQL Server?  Let me share a few reasons why you might consider starting today.

  1. Data is at the heart of any business.  Much of that data is stored in databases.
  2. SQL is the #1 language  in the Big Data space, where SQL Server is the #2 platform of choice.
  3. Demand for database professionals will continue to rise.
  4. Salaries for data professionals tend be among the highest in technology.
  5. The SQL Server community is the most friendly of ANY technical community on the planet.  Almost like family.

Questions and Answers

Can I use Zero to SQL to pass the 70-461 exam?

No, at this time Zero to SQL does not provide sufficient information to pass the 70-461 exam; however if this is something you are interested in, let us know in the contact box at the bottom of the page.

Can I use Zero to SQL to become a DBA?

While this site will help put together some fundamentals, it doesn’t provide all the information you need to become a DBA; however, we do commend you on your career choice. (We are a bit biased).

What can I get out of this site?

The goal for the site is to help give you the basics of SQL fundamentals so you can start writing data queries and feel confident while working with data in SQL Server. We will start adding new features as I get feedback about what your biggest needs are.

Why just SQL Server?

While the basics are common among the different databases, they start to get very different quickly.  I wanted to provide a site that can help you go from zero to SQL and beyond, but my focus is the Microsoft stack.  That is where I can provide the most value.  I drank the Kool-Aid and it tastes good.  🙂

Do you have a book?

If you want something a bit more formal, you can order the book from amazon.  It includes several lessons not included on the site.